How to buy and then sell with the least amount of stress

How to buy and then sell with the least amount of stress

Moving requires a lot of moving pieces: financing, inspections, appraisals, organizing, packing, storage, moving, orchestrating, etc. It’s no doubt that buying and selling real estate is typically the most impactful financial decision of most people’s lives, and we also know that the act of moving can become an impactful/emotionally taxing decision as well.

One of my biggest goals in a real estate transaction is to reduce the amount of stress our clients experience in their move. Over time, I’ve discovered a few ways to minimize stress and create predictability where there otherwise is none.
Prior to Making the Decision to Move: The problem? Some people make the mistake of jumping into putting a sign in their yard and hope that the rest will work out. Before making a decision, follow these easy steps.

  • Get pre-approved for the type of mortgage you want to get for the NEXT house.
  • Get values on your current house. BE REALISTIC.
  • Begin any repairs and aesthetic corrections your Realtor advises you on.
Once You’ve Made the Decision and You’re Ready to List: The problem? Sometimes people stay in denial for a little while, and actually hurt their chances of selling quickly.
  • Start packing. Go ahead and start packing clothes, toys, nick-knacks etc. You’re going to be moving any way, go ahead and start this process to get your house organized and de-cluttered.
  • Keep your credit EXACTLY the same, or better. When in doubt, call your lender you got pre-approved with.
  • Get your house inspected by a property inspector. Start making repairs necessary.
Options Once Your House Is Under Contract: The problem? Sometimes the timing of the move isn’t perfect, and could mean you’re moving twice. These are potential solutions.
  • STORAGE: options such as “Pods” (or any other portable storage units) as well as local storage units can hold onto your belongings as you transition.
  • Arrange in negotiations to be able to occupy your current house for a short term after closing. (This has to be done when negotiating the offer)
  • Find an extended stay hotel to stay in for a short amount of time while you get into the next home.
  • Stay with family or friends. This is the most economical option typically
  • Reach out to local landlords that are offering property up for rent. Ask them about short term leases or a longer lease with the option to leave early if you help them procure the next tenant.
The important thing is to remain open minded during the process and stay focused on the solutions, not the problems. When focused on the solutions, you’re more likely to have a successful and stress-reduced move.

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So you have kids… and you want to move… what’s the big deal?

So you have kids… and you want to move… what’s the big deal?

Likely, you’re just like me and you’ve decided it’s time to move and you’re wondering “how in the world am I going to do this?” Well, lucky for you… I’ve already been there and done that. Below are a few tips to help you get ready to sell your house (while raising children), do it quickly, and maintain your sanity.

The House 

  • Start the repairs and aesthetic fixes first. (1-2 months before getting ready to list)
    • Replace the weather stripping
    • Paint the doors
    • Do any repairs you have put off because you didn’t care
  • Have the major systems inspected and serviced now (check for termites, check HVAC etc)

The Stuff  - Create 4 categories: Dump it, Sell it/Donate it, Pack it, Leave it

  • Dump it: you know what I’m talking about… the stuff you forgot was even in that cabinet or closet. And you KNOW no one else wants it. Dump it.
  • Sell it/Donate it: The stuff you no longer need, wear, or remembered existed – start out selling it (classified ads, yard sale, social media), and what doesn’t get purchased gets taken to goodwill.
  • Pack What’s left: Next season’s clothes? Your kids 14 million outfits they either no longer fit in or don’t wear? Pack it up. You’re moving anyway… right? Pack it in boxes and get ready to store it if you don’t have a garage.
  • Everything left can stay IF it has a place. And that place better not be the middle of the floor ;-)

Keeping it clean

  • A strategy that worked nicely for us was only leaving out 7-10 combined outfits. Especially for the kids. That means less piles of laundry, easy clothing selection in the mornings, and overall easier lives during the week. Wish I had thought of it sooner.
  • Clean every night. You’re going to be making beds and spot checking every morning – don’t save the big stuff for the morning you find out you have a showing.


  • Half of your stuff is now trashed, sold, donated, or packed away. This is a piece of cake. Start at LEAST 2 weeks before moving. If you can get a POD or a rental truck you can keep for a while, you can stagger the loading and unloading.
  • Hire babysitters for the day of moving. I’m not kidding. Pay them well, and feed them well.
Once you’ve gotten through all of this, the rest is between you and your realtor. Choose wisely – the right person can relieve 80% of your stress in the transition. 
Can I serve you? We have partnering teams across the country and we may be able to align you with a great realtor with a great reputation. Feel free to reach out!
Happy Moving!


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New Listing: 54 Melvin Phillips Road Jefferson, GA

Welcome to 54 Melvin Phillips Road in Jefferson, GA. This 1.5 story Cape Cod on an unfinished basement is situated on just over 1 acre of fenced land in Jackson County. Built in 2004, the homeowners have added ceramic tile in the kitchen and solid oak hardwood floors throughout the rest of the first floor. With 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, a large rocking chair front porch, and an open floor plan, this home is perfect for entertaining. Schedule your chance to see it today 706-389-0771

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Just listed in Athens GA! Frank Betz home!

Our Athens & Northeast Georgia Real Estate Team just listed this stunning home in your area!


135 Bear Paw Ct Bogart, GA
Fantastic 5 Bedroom/3 Bath traditional craftsman home. This 2 story home features open plan with abundant windows, spacious living room w/ fireplace, large bonus playroom with chalkboard wall, all bathrooms tile baths and hot tub with deck. Large master suite w/ vaulted ceilings, walk in tile shower and double vanity. Kitchen boasts granite countertops, breakfast area, breakfast bar and pantry. Additional feature includes outdoor fire ring patio. Wooded lot. Great community. Location to Athens/316.
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How to Sell Your House Fast in This Market

How to Sell Your House Fast in This Market

The burning question most sellers have is: “how can I sell my house quickly?” Heck, some Realtors don’t even know the answer to this question. So… if the average time on the market is say, 120 days in your market… how can you get your house sold in under 30 days?

In my humble opinion, there are 3 pieces to this puzzle: Price, Condition, & Marketing. Price and condition are directly in the hands of the seller. Which is great! This means that if you combine your efforts with the advice and marketing strategy of a professional local Realtor. 

Before you get started, the best thing to do is actually call in your Realtor to talk about all 3 pieces of the puzzle before you get started. Come up with a plan. 

Price: Your house must scream value.

Easier said than done, pricing homes to sell is an art not a science. So I’ll tell you how I do it. 

First I pull homes that have sold in the area that are similar to my subject area. Your typical “Comparative Market Analysis.” This will typically tell us what value the home may appraise for. It’s good information, but I don’t stop there. 

I then pull all the active homes and under contract homes in the same market that I believe the buyer for our subject house may be looking at and comparing our house to. 

Once you have an idea of where your competition is priced, it’s important to price yourself in the “bottom third” of pricing, yet being in the “top third” of condition**. **(of all the homes on the market, make sure out of 9 competing homes, you’re priced with the cheapest 3, and you have the qualities and condition of the top 3). 

Condition: be the Belle of the ball. 

Now that you have all of the comparable homes pulled up, look through their photos. What colors have they painted with? Which homes look more appealing and draw you to want to come look at them? Which ones look open, airy, inviting? Your goal is to now make your home look just like those homes, or better. 

Consider re-painting if trends are leaning in a specific direction. Consider having a professional stager come in. Consider renting furniture from the stager to make the home look more appealing. 

And don’t ever avoid any repairs that you know will come up in an inspection. Repair anything that’s leaky, wobbly, or obviously worn out. It may cost you thousands of dollars… or you may not get a buyer at all if those items are obvious. 

Marketing: Get invited to dance.

Now, make sure your Realtor knows how to show off your home and get it in front of buyers. Their marketing plan should include a vast array of internet marketing with the goal of getting buyers to THEIR websites, personal phone calls and emails to Agents, personal phone calls and emails to prospective buyers, and most importantly: a systematic and fast follow up system for prospective buyers. Ask them what they do to convert sign calls and internet inquiries into real buyers. They should know this and be able to recite it from memory very quickly. 

If you combine these 3 tactics, and follow the advice of your local Realtor, you are sure to have results quickly. 

Should your neighbor with the knee-high grass or other unsightly attributes be keeping you from selling, see what you can do to help. I’ve had sellers cut their neighbors’ grass for them, and even pressure wash their homes. You never know… they may need the help and be unable to complete the tasks themselves at this time. 

I hope you now have a great plan for helping speed up the process of selling. Please call us should you have any questions about selling in Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, Oconee County, Jefferson, Commerce, or Braselton house. 

Are you thinking about selling? Visit our website to learn more about us, or simply give us a call 706-389-0907 

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